Deadline: December 17, 2018

Cloudsway Dance Theatre is inviting applications for 10-20 minute dance works to be presented prior to Cloudsway’s Dance Theatre’s production of 8 Bit: The Video Game Dance Show at the West Village Theatre in Calgary AB April 17-28, 2019.

We are specifically looking for dance proposals that incorporate an element of comedy. We will commission two dance works, and will consider existing work or new creations. This program will have a particular awareness of marginalized communities.

Successful applicants will receive:
$500 commission / performance fee (guaranteed minimum*)
Four public performances over one of the two weeks of the performance run (April 17-20 or 24-27)
Dramaturgy by Cloudsway Dance Theatre Artistic Director Mark Kunji Ikeda (if requested)
Technical support and consultation
Video documentation of the work
Marketing and publicity

Applicant’s must submit:
Contact information (name, email, phone)
A biography / CV of past works
An online link to the proposed work or past work
A concise description (one page max) of the work including:
-Cast / Collaborators
-Reasoning for comedy in the work
-Initial plan of how to incorporate/express comedy through movement

All applicants will be notified by January 15, 2019
Applications can be sent to

*Cloudsway is applying for program funding, if successful applicants will be paid full CADA rates & standards, outcome will not be known by the time of decisions