An exploration using dance techniques to access your natural voice. Kunji has developed methods to unite the body and the voice through physical empathy and serious play. Specifically designed for dancers, and physical actors. This work uses body-based entry points into physical connection and vocal techniques. Through a playful exploration of sound, it shifts the authority of choice from the mind to the body. This experiential knowledge relates the physical work of the dancer to the vocal work of the actor. This work is also an entry point into other areas of focus including contact improvisation, flocking, choreography, and dramaturgy.

“[This workshop] opens our mind to think about not just making physically but emotionally to connect with our bodies and each other” – Wen Wei Wang (Edmonton Ballet)


Imagination in Motion is designed to deepen connections between the mind and body in order to give both experienced and novice movers new vantage points from which to view their practice. Participants will find themselves freed through a daring combination of textual, musical and visual exercises all building upon each other and intertwining as part of the dance. This workshop will draw upon existing skills while challenging abilities of each participant. An enlightening opportunity for anyone with an adventurous spirit and desire to move.


There in a school of thought insisting there are 8 basic human emotions – everything else is a combination of these main eight emotions. Emotion in Motion explores these in a safe, supported environment in order to identify physical traits that will enhance emotional intelligence. Participants will embody and express emotional ideas that will be useful on the stage and in everyday life.


Contact Improvisation is one of the most intimate and dangerous forms of dance. It involves the deepest understanding of trust in self, and trust in others. The introductory workshop explores the basic fundamentals of touch, weight-share, and artistry. The advanced workshop includes navigating physical risk, artistic development, and lifts. Kunji Mark Ikeda is a collaborative teacher as part of Contact Improv Calgary.