Artistic Update

CanAsian Dance KickStart Festival 2018

Mark Kunji Ikeda has been commissioned to create a new work for the 2018 CanAsian Dance Festival. This new work will feature Ikeda and Richard Lee in a new piece that intersects dance / theatre / clown.

Politics meets Clown meets Dance in this alternate reality where almost everything is possible. Within this new piece titled Know the Rules, Win the Game Mark Kunji Ikeda draws on the sordid history of the Taikomochi – the Japanese clown – to engage with physical and logical boundaries. The clown seeks to live in truth, to remain fully embodied until arriving at a crux, a systemic problem that needs to be explored; the dancer seeks physical virtuosity within a set structure of choreographic choices. Together these forms will feed one another in order to illuminate how art can fearlessly play within our political landscape.

Performed by Mark Kunji Ikeda and Richard Lee
Original Composition by Darren Young
Set / Projection Design by Jennie Thorp-Vallis
Costumes by Joanne Ikeda

KickStart Festival
September 27 – 29 8pm, 2018
The Theatre Centre

Toronto, Ontario


SANSEI: The Storyteller
at the High Performance Rodeo
presented by Lunchbox Theatre

January 14-26, 2019

Created & Performed by Mark Kunji Ikdea

On December 7 1941, an attack on Pearl Harbour triggered events in Canada that are among the darkest in our history – the internment and dispossession of tens of thousands of Japanese Canadians.
Through an engaging blend of dance, spoken word, and loads of humour, Mark Ikeda weaves a tale that is both illuminating and profoundly personal. Sansei: The Storyteller offers Ikeda’s observations about the internment, his own discovery of where he came from, and how Japanese Canadians found peace. This award-winning play has toured across Canada and we are thrilled to present it with One Yellow Rabbit as part of the 2019 High Performance Rodeo.

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8 Bit: The Video Game Dance Show RETURNS – SPRING 2019

More info coming soon…