Live-stream extending until Nov 28, 2021


About the work
Nihilism, societal pageantry, and egocentricity‚Ķ as pervasive and pernicious in 2021 as in 1866, when Dostoevksy penned this masterwork. A deep dramaturgical study has yielded a new interpretation of the narrative structure, dramatic limitations, and organizing principles behind Crime and Punishment, to present to audiences a Dance Theatre event through which the embodied experiences of anti-hero Raskolnikov find new resonance in the isolated monomanias of modern life. 

Originally intended as a stage work the pandemic restrictions have shifted this presentation into a digital performance using greenscreen technology to extend the themes of isolation, manipulation, and nihilism.

Created by Kunji Ikeda
In collaboration with Kaili Che, Jared Tobias Herring, Ainsley Hillyard, Richard Lee
Rehearsal Director: Maryn Bjorndahl
Raskolnikov Understudy: Morgan Yamada
Dramaturg: Ellen Close
Stage Management: Jenny Yeung
Set, Light, Costume Design: Alison Yanota
Composer: Sebastien Bolessa
Sound Editor: Chad Blain
Digital Editing: Matthew Waddell & Laura Anzola
Cinematography: Matt McKinney
Editing: Lela Sanders
Voice Talents: Yoshie Bancroft, Julie Tamiko Manning, Patrick Quinn, Mike Tan
Choral Composer: JL Bleau
Choral Performer: Chenelle Roberts
Production Management: Alexandra May
Publicity: Jessie Northan
Previous performer contributions: Barbara England, Rufi Oswald
Religious Consultant: Father Ryan Bishop
Original Poster Photo: Tim Nguyen
Augmented Poster Art: Sören Wacker and Shy Weeks
Special Thanks: Joanne Ikeda, Charles Hamilton, Quest Theatre, Trickster Theatre, Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, Artio Choir
Supported by: Canada Council for the Arts, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Calgary Arts Development Authority, The Banff Centre